Dance Vehicle (DV_01)

Dance Vehicle 01 is the result of an interdisciplinary effort between the Architecture, Dance and Engineering Departments at Pennsylvania State University. The studio, in collaboration with the renowned Los Angeles-based Diavolo Dance Theater, challenged students to re-examine the hidden functions and interactions that occur in public spaces. The machine was designed and fabricated by Alex Bruce, Kyle Brown, and Will Bunk under the guidance and supervision of Professor Marcus Shaffer.

The vehicle is composed of two 12’x12’x2’6” truss-framed wheels encasing a suspended triangular anti-prism cage measuring 9’x9’x15’. The rotating cage creates an occupiable space for performers to hang, suspend, act, and react to the machine’s rapidly changing movements.  The vehicle is “driven” by performers walking in the outer rings, who can change its speed and orientation by walking forwards or backwards. The intricate construction of the rolling mechanism allows all three components to spin independently of one another. Perforated frames in the panels resemble the shape of smart phones, and are intended to inspire a dialogue between the use of technology in public spaces and our awareness of our immediate physical environment.

The Manual Steel Rolling Machine